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Arizona...whites only?

Gov. Jan Brewer (R), Arizona, signed into law the most sweeping and controversial anti-immigration legislation since Black people had to prove they were free or slave. The bill give police officers the ability to stop and question anyone they believe may be an illegal immigrant. This means, anyone darker than tan, Hispanic-looking, etc. can be stopped without cause and asked to prove their immigration status. This is a travesty. A complete and utter failure of the Governor to stand for the right thing and not go along with a party seeking to turn back the clock on American race relations and civil rights. My heart breaks for America.

Protest Rally May 15, 2010

Since August 2009, Tea Part Rally's have been promoted and funded by the likes of Fox "News" and Freedom Works, well now it is our turn! Thousands of teachers are losing their jobs and schools are losing funding. The tea partiers say it's time to defund the Dept of Education. If they can be loud (and obnoxious) about protesting the WRONG things, can we let our voices be HEARD about the RIGHT things? Nothing is more American than Freedom of Speech, and it is time to exercise that Right. The Tea Partiers and their ilk gather to protest everything but the RIGHT thing. Those of us should gather to protest the RIGHT things such as teachers losing their jobs, racist immigration policies, the NEED for Health-care Reform, the need for more jobs, and so on. We are "real Americans" too, and our voices deserve be heard also! Bring your signs, wear your shirts, etc. We have a voice too. If you believe their is a role for government, understand Social Security IS…