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Moxy? No, Rant

Not only is it a thing, it is massively on my last and evil nerve, thus I MUST RANT!

Donald Trump Spox Battles S.E. Cupp on Muslim Ban Proposal: ‘So What? They’re Muslim!’

Okay, let me start by saying, the fact I am agreeing with S. E. Cupp in the slightest makes me feel like I need a drink, a very strong, strong, STRONG drink. With that said, I agree with S. E. Cupp. This lady, Katrina Pierson, makes my life hurt. I mean really and truly HURT! "So, what? They're Muslim?" Really? Ma'am. Lady. This is the type of nonchalance that allowed slavery, the holocaust, the Armenian genocide, and so many, many more atrocities inflicted upon one people by another. This is the type of attitude which allows a white person to lynch a black one, or one country to bomb another!

In her quiet moments, alone, I imagine Ms. Pierson needs to re-evaluate her outlook on life. Her worldview is all f*cked up. I don't know what her race or ethnicity is, but she is brown. How would she feel is someone punched her in the face and then said, "So what? She's brown."? I am certain she would not find that very appealing, but, like many people, because it is not happening to her, she is not at all concerned about the treatment of "the other."

Her worldview is one in which it is perfectly alright to discriminate against an entire people because she is not "one of them." It is perfectly alright to isolate and endanger an entire ethnicity, religion, race, or ideology because, at the end of the day, it is not happening to her. Donald Trump is a d*ck, pure and simple, but she is aiding and abetting his f*ckery, and that makes her significantly worse.

Hitler was a homicidal, genocidal maniac, but one maniac does not a genocide make. It take a Goebbels to make a Hitler effective. This lady is just that. She is the person standing before the cameras making all of Donald Trump's crazy seem legit.

Raven Simone is a Lesbian...and that ruined your childhood?? Find a bridge and....

I grew up watching The Cosby Show, and like many of us who did so, "Olivia" was by far my favorite character. She was witty, sarcastic, and cute to boot. Raven-Simone played "Olivia" with great skill, and I have loved her since; however, there was not a single moment in watching her on the Cosby's or as I followed her career did I ever think to myself: Gee, I sure do wonder if Olivia/Raven-Simone will grow up to be a lesbian? Man, if she does, that would just ruin my entire childhood! Apparently, I am one of the very few people who didn't have this self-absorbed conversation!
Following the Supreme Court's ruling on Gay Marriage (I prefer "Marriage Equality"), Raven-Simone tweeted this:

Of course, she means, as a Lesbian woman, she can now marry whomever she loves just like anyone else. Well DO! The Twitterverse exploded and #childhoodruined became a THING. WTH!! Tweet like the one below inundated Raven-Simone's Twitter Feed.

You have got to be kidding me! Seriously!! I don't know where these people come from or what their parents were doing during their childhood, but their entire life is one massive #FAIL if this ruined your childhood. First of all, get a life, second of all, I am fairly certain Raven-Simone is not the arbiter of "good childhoods!!" She was a child who played a child in a TV show that you liked as a child. End of story. Now she is a grown woman, WHO HAS A RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHO SHE LOVES! JFC people!! Take a moment and get a grip.

There isn't a single person outside of my family I can say could have had or has the ability to make me look back on my childhood and think, Boy, it sure is a shame _______ turned out to be _______! Now the WHOLE of my childhood is ruined!

Go take a nap, and get you life right.


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