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Political blog hiatus is over... just in time for the fall of the Republic

Well Loves, I am back from 2 year-long political blog hiatus, and it appears I am just in time for the fall of the Republic. Donald J. Trump is the cotton-picking President of the United States! I will admit, on the night of the election, as the results came in, I cried. Though I was not a big fan of Hillary Clinton's, I most certainly did not want her to lose to the man I call "Cheeto Jesus!" Come on America! Seriously! We go from a professorial President, to one who couldn't spell "professorial" if you gave him the first eleven letters. But, as Americans are wont to do, we dealt in extremes, and handed the country over to a political novice with Neo-Nazi, anti-Semetic, misogynistic, and racists tendencies. *High-Five*
Trump has been in the Oval for 87 days, and the world has seen a host of missteps, accusations of incompetence, and of course, the high drama that are his ties to Russia.

We could view a timeline of the insanity occurring by way of the White House, but, that would take way too long to list, and I won't do that to you. You know and I know just how bat sh*t crazy DJT and is cronies are, but what does that mean for the United States and the world? I can't think of a single US President who has been plagued with more scandal, in-fighting, and leaks than the current POTUS. Sure, Nixon, had a lot going on, but I don't think even Watergate was this insane!
From DJT's seemingly uncontrollable urge to "Tweef" (Twitter Beefs) with any and everyone he feels slights him, to the numerous high-level associates with obvious ties to Russia and Putin's desire to manipulate the Election; I find it incredibly hard to believe the US government and the people of this nation will survive this Administration unscathed.
It seems the POTUS has very little interest in actually heading the government, and the Republican Party is notoriously incapable of actually governing. They wanted to win. Simple as that: just win. They had no plan beyond that. Case and point: the failed repeal (and replace) of the ACA (Obamacare.) For seven years, the GOP crowed about the magnificent plan they had to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, how they would end it "on day one," and how their plan would be better for Americans. All of those claims were proven a lie when, in March, House Republicans pulled the Bill. If the rest of the Trump Administration's legislative agenda looks anything like their fail on Healthcare, then we are in for a long, long, long and trying *four* years.
I suppose the bombing of Syria, alleged Boarder wall, Russia, incompetent Cabinet picks, stolen Supreme Court seat, gaffs with world leaders, the death of a Navy Seal in a botched raid, defundng of the EPA, and the rest of his insanity, has not yet been enough for his supporters to turn on him in sufficient numbers, but, hey, at least he's not a woman or a black man.


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