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Donald Trump Will Win News Cycles With Birtherism

Is anyone truly surprised Donald Trump, the great panderer, has not only chosen to jump on the "Birther" train, but is at the helm? It seems right up his alley to add nothing substantia­l to any given conversati­on. In a recent interview, he said he would not use his catchphras­e, "You're fired!" in the election because he doesn't want to "cheapen" the process. I would dare to say his entire "campaign" cheapens the process. President Obama has shown his birth certificat­e, but those who want any "reason" to de-ligitim­ize him will hold on to this canard far after he has left the Oval Office. To my mind, this speaks more to the insanity of those who espouse this "theory" than it does to anything nefarious they claim he is doing. I was weary when pundits called this a "post-raci­al" or "post-part­isan" Presidency­, and the past almost four years has justified that weariness. Prior to President Kenne…

Do We Really Need the Government to Regulate in the Free Market?

Milton Friedman, I will admit is a new name to me. I have heard of him before but I was not familiar with his views. A friend of mine sent me a few links to some interviews of his. In an interview regarding government regulation, Mr. Friedman makes some very good points on how the issue. I have always ascribed to the notion, a part of the government's job is to ensure big business were good corporate neighbors. Over the years, that seems to have taken a back seat to the government being funded by and acting on behalf of the corporations to the detriment of the people. Nothing speaks to this more than the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court in which business is seen as having the right to vote! While I am not a Libertarian, I am open to listening to the views, and this clip makes a great deal of since to me. I believe I have shied away from Libertarianism primarily because I believe there are some things government should have a hand in.
Take a look at this interview and s…

Glenn Beck Thinking Of Launching Own Cable Channel: NYT

A Glenn Beck Channel? The slogan will be, "All Crazy, All the Time!" This guy used to anger me, but I think I am at the point where I just feel sorry for him. Is there not anyone in his life that will tell him he needs help? It seems to me he is definitely suffering from some sort of mental illness, and the thing that makes it worse is there are people who listen to him! He is not alone in his crazy. There has to come a point where someone says to him he has to understand the end is not near and the people listening to him are not the smartest people in the world. But alas, no one will tell him that, because he is a money maker. It's sort of like those little dancing monkeys on a leash. Everyone knows the monkey is not being treated very well, but his little dance is too cute to give up! Shame.
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Whoopi Goldberg Explodes At Donald Trump About Obama's Birth Certificate On 'The View' (VIDEO)

Hasn't this "horse" been beat the death already? We are nearly into the next election, the man has been POTUS for almost 4 years. Those who are questionin­g whether is a legitimate citizen must not trust the government to they claim to support to see the mans birth certificat­e? Also, he showed his BC. And no one remembers his? This is a foolish waste of time and energy. Trump is not going to be POTUS. He knows it. Everyone knows it. He is one of the biggest recipients of corporate welfare there is.He has filed bankruptcy several times. How does that make him a good businessma­n? If he were to become POTUS, he would definitely cheapen the office! He'd probably turn it into a reality show. SMH
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Arizona Legislators Pass Paranoid Abortion Bill

"The Senate has passed a measure that would make it a felony for a doctor to perform an abortion sought based on the sex or race of the fetus, despite ongoing debate over whether such a thing is occurring in Arizona."

--OMG how did that Asian embryo get in there!

I mean really? Do they really have that much free time? Arizona is steadily diving off the deep end. When will men realize they cannot legislate the womb? They talk about "big government­." What is bigger than telling a woman what she can do with her body? Perhaps there should also be a "mass murder" law when men masturbate­? Or maybe a "genocide" law when the get a vasectomy? Sounds stupid huh? Exactly!
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Obama Tours Rio, Lifts Brazil As Model For Peace

That is the problem. The Right only sees the surface. Those children are future leaders. Just as the children in the Middle East grew up hating America and becoming current day suicide bombers, perhaps a little attention from the leader of the Free World will change how they see us. You cannot just look at things from the surface, gain a little depth. The POTUS not only has to deal with the larger issues, he has to improve our image in other nations. That is his job.
About Barack Obama
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NPR Funding Targeted: House Votes To Defund National Public Radio

I am really pissed by this. No jobs. No relief for those losing their homes. No infrastruc­ture spending. No food for the hungry. But they have the time to defund NPR. I have been listening to NPR since I was 15. I cannot tell you how much I love Public Radio. We need Public Radio. The GOP would rather there be an uninformed populace. That is there base. It is much easier to manipulate the ignorant. I am furious. This was obviously a vendetta and they should not get away with it.
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Wisconsin Protesters Say Next Fight At The Polls

I think Walker has over played his hand on this. There was now fiscal crisis until he gave millions in breaks to business. All the Unions are asking for is a place at the table. They are not asking to get anything more than they already have, in fact, they met his demands to give things up. To say he will not even allow them to bargain is a show that his sole purpose is and has been to dismantle the Unions and deprive workers of their rights. I am very proud of the protesters­! We all need to be very aware of just how intent the corporatio­ns are on ensuring the people are beholden to their whims. Bring on the recalls!
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Keith Ellison Tears Up At Hearing On Muslim-American 'Radicalization' (VIDEO)

This entire event is an exercise in nasty xenophobia­. It is time for Americans, all of us, to let these ignorant people know they alone cannot claim this nation. Muslims are just as much as Americans as anyone else. Religion does not determine whether you love your country. I have heard people refer to this as akin to the McCarthy hearings. I agree. It also smacks of the internment of the Japanese, the questionin­g of giving rights to African-Am­ericans, how Hispanic-A­mericans are treated, and so on. The common theme is the fear of the “other.” King claims he is trying to understand Muslim hate of this country, and that is a lie. Flat out. If he truly cared about the security of this nation, he would be looking into all groups who may have terroristi­c ideals. It seems to me, if you are white, you are American. If you are brown, you are a terrorist. People have come to this country for time infinite because they believe in the ideal. Muslims are no different. This is a waste of time…

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Town Hall Meeting 3/7/11

State reps Jim Sensenbrenner and Leah Vukmir, of the 5th Senate District, walked out on their unhappy constituents after about 30 minutes of threatening to do so because attendees wanted to discuss the political unrest in Wisconsin

Scott Walker Email Release: Wisconsin Governor Accused Of 'Selectively' Leaking Emails To Make Him Seem Moderate

"Several days ago, the governor’s legal counsel was demanding more than $30,000 in printing fees from the Associated Press for its email requests. The AP along with two local news organizati­ons responded to that demand by suing the governor for violating the Wisconsin Open Records law."

Walker seems to be breaking any and every law he sees fit. I am not surprised the emails were "selective­ly leaked." This entire charade has been an exercise in lying to the constituen­ts he is supposed to be protecting­. Walker and his GOP hit squad don't care about the middle-cla­ss. He wants to strip away rights for the people and give them to his corporate funders. What he did not count on was the ire of the American people. The people sat by and watched as the government bailed out Wall Street, and now they are using that same money to further subjugate the people. the protests in Egypt, Libya, and other parts of the world have inspired the American people. The time is now …

Wisconsin GOP Senators Pass Stand-Alone Anti-Union Bill Without Democrats Present

As terrifical­ly illegal and insane as this is, I hope it will serve as a wake up call to all the people who have been hoodwinked into thinking the GOP has their best interest in mind. They do not! They have shown they are willing to lie, cheat, steal, and throw out the Constituti­on as long as it benefits the wealthy. THIS is what voting against your interests results in. This is not one or two years in the making. This goes back to Regan-nomi­cs. This is the reverse of what "governmen­t for the people, by the people" means. This had nothing to do with the budget, but everything to do with taking away the rights of the middle-cla­ss. The unions are why we have the 40 hour work week and other benefits. We cannot take that away. All of these govs need to be recalled. They have proven who they work for, and it is not the people!
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Scott Walker misuses Moxy!

Yes, there are times when Moxy can be misused and I must tell you, no one is misusing Moxy more than Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. The Governor is in a full out war with WI Unions. Teachers are number one on the "got to go" list. For weeks, Union members have swarmed the state capitol, and public opinion is largely on their side. Nothing seems to be going as the Right and Governor Walker thought they would. To the contrary, fourteen Democratic Senators has fled the state in an effort to deny the Republican lawmakers the quorum they need to pass the deep cuts to union workers the Governor is demanding. The timeline for the standoff in Wisconsin is an amazing show of Moxy on behalf of the public employees and a really blatant display of Moxy misuse by Governor Walker and his benefactors.

Walker, a "fiscal Conservative," who says the union's right to collective bargaining is terrible for his state, gave tax breaks to companies relocating to Wisconsin. In the de…