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Anthony Weiner is in love with his penis, aren't most men?

Aside from the birth of the Royal baby, the news has been preoccupied with former U.S. Representative and current New York Mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner's obsession with sending strangers pictures of himself. What a scandal! A man, a man I tell you, is obsessed with his penis and can’t help but show it off! I mean, from a very early age they become enthrall by it, and let’s be fair, they have to handle it every day…several times a day! How could the world possibly be surprised? Wait, the world isn’t. Only in America is this news. Maybe not all or even most men are sending pictures of themselves to strange women, but a lot are, and who cares? Yes…yes…I know…he is in a position of power…he was a Senator…he has an obligation to the public…Yes, all of that is true, but again I ask, why is this news?

It’s not really, but it sells and it distracts us from the real issues the country is facing at the moment. Just like the Royal baby, Anthony Weiner’s “scandal” is a way for the media to distract the people from the really important issues. Why discuss the failure of one of America’s largest cities (Detroit), talk about the states working overtime to deprive people of color the right to vote, figure out a way to fix our broken education system, or the fact that the GOP is working overtime to defund SNAP (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) or food stamps, when we can be all-consumed with the consensual “selfie” sending of adults, one who happens to be in the public eye?

I could care less who Weiner sends pictures of himself to. What I do care about is the GOP’s relentless effort to turn America into a feudal nation. It matters to me that the Republicans have vote 39 times to repeal Obamacare. For three solid years, this is what they have been focusing on. Not creating jobs, not replacing the country’s crumbling infrastructure, not finding a way to feed the 16.7 million hungry children in this country, or even attempting to fix the bevy of other problems facing America.
But per usual, this is not the scandal. The “scandal” is Weiner’s pictures…should we forgive him... should he be elected Mayor...God Bless America…and pray for him to disable his phone’s camera.


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